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Re: jpg annotation

Mick Ruthven
Posts: n/a
One way to annotate photos is with IPTC data attached to the photo file
itself. You can add a variety of IPTC data to your images using
BreezeBrowser (and I'm sure other software). The data survives "save as"
another filename in Photoshop 6; not sure what other software will or will
not preserve it.

As you may know, BreezeBrowser's main claim to fame is as a very convenient
and versitle Canon RAW file converter. But it also has several other
functions including generating websites from your images. IPTC data can be
included in those presentations. BB is at

Information about the IPTC standard for data stored in images files can be
obtained from the IPTC's web site:

"Loren J. Donelson" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bg176m$14bu$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I got a Cannon s45 recently and I'm looking for a good, long lasting, way

> annotate the photos that I take. I'd like to use the file annotation

> that is most likely to survive long term so that the photos I add comments
> to now, I'll easily be able to extract/read in the future. Can anyone

> me to an explanation of what's out there, or give me some advice on how to
> begin?
> I know that there are a variety of photo album creation tools out there,

> it's not really a question of what software to buy, rather choosing a

> that I'll be able to use in the future...
> Thanks

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