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Sony Mavica Floppy based cameras

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Jk wrote:

> Floppies are ancient technology. A floppy disk is only 1.4 meg.
> This forces the camera to have low resolution and or high levels
> of compression to fit a few images on a floppy. At some point
> most people want to print images. Even if it is not that common,
> you will want your favorite images to be in high enough resolution
> so you can have a decent print made. Floppy based cameras
> are also quite bulky.

The latest camera in the Mavica series uses 8cm mini-CDs to store the
images, instead of floppies. These hold about 160Mb, which enables the
camera to have a 4Mp sensor.

What surprises me is that Sony never produced a Mavica that used their
own MiniDisk technology. I know that these have only been used for
audio storage, but at one time Sony were trying to get them adopted for
data storage. I think the spread of cheap CD-RW drives did for this

Brian Rumary, England

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