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Large Format Printers

nobody nowhere
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Thank you, a few more questions, if I may:-
(see below)

In article <3f2506c0$(E-Mail Removed)>, gsum
<(E-Mail Removed)> writes
>The results are very similar to those from the 1290
>except that there is a slight amount of bronzing of the
>blacks but this is not very noticeable.

What does "similar" really mean? Some people in this NG (unless I
misunderstood them) seemed to argue that the results from the 7600 are
vastly or much better than those from a humble inkjet like the 1290. Is
this also your view? Would you regard the bronzing effect a small or
acceptable price to pay for longevity? I love my prints from the 1290,
in particular those on premium glossy paper, but if you and Bill and
others are right, they will fade even before I have had a chance to
boast ` about them, which is not a very comfortable feeling, even if I
don't sell my prints.
>The main advantages of the 7600 over the 1290 are:
>1. The ink dries instantly. The 1290 ink requires a
>couple of hours to dry and loose a slight majenta cast.

At least you acknowledge the existence of the cast, I thought it was
something wrong with me or my eyes. Perhaps I should wait to see if the
cast does disappear within a few hours.
>2. Printing is much faster.
>3. Consumables seem to be about 50% cheaper (I'm still
>assessing this).

Now, this is really something which would seduce me. I like medium
format, and large prints, which is a recipe for financial hara-kiri, as
I mentioned in a previous posts.
>4. The ink and paper are light fast for 65 years - I'm
>not sure how they know that but I have had problems
>with fading of 1290 prints after a few months.

I must confess that this is not my experience, I deliberately exposed
1290 prints under lots of light, for long periods, and have not detected
any noticeable fading (but the "experiment" is less than one year old),
and I may be wrong.
>If you decide to buy, check with the Epson site. When
>I bought mine in March, there was an offer for half
>price consumables which the re-seller knew nothing
>about. At that time you could get 700 pounds
>worth of ink and paper for 340 pounds.

Thanks again, this is most helpful.
>"nobody nowhere" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>newseC32UAclOJ$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Where did you get the beast? (I live in UK, London). Are you happy with
>> it? Are the results visibly/much better than with the 1290?


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Bill Hilton
Posts: n/a
>From: nobody nowhere Removed)

>Would you regard the bronzing effect a small or
>acceptable price to pay for longevity?

I *think* what he's calling "bronzing" is what you see only with the Glossy
paper like PGPP. You don't see this on semi-gloss or luster or the art papers.
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Paul Rubin
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nobody nowhere <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> Thank you very much, I regard 2K as very reasonable for what is
> offered, in particular longevity of pics, and 50 per cent cheaper
> consumables are tempting, however, it now seems that the most important
> digital photo piece of equipment is... the size for the room or flat...

You should get similar print longevity from a 2200P which is a desktop
A3/Super-B sized printer (13x19"). To cut down consumables costs look
at <> once it comes back online.
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