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Re: Xs Drive II at 4000 meters ?

Alfred Molon
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed)lid
> "Alfred Molon" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)
> > I was wondering if it will be safe to use an Xs Drive II at 4000 meters
> > (planning to climb a mountain and use the Xs Drive to store the photos).
> > The HDD will be an IBM Travelstar 20GN (20 GB, DJSA 220). I checked the
> > IBM site (now Hitachi) for specifications, but couldn't find anything
> > about the max. operating height:
> >
> >
> > A7800583F24/$file/djsa_ds.pdf
> >
> > I heard something some time ago that the heads will hover over the disks
> > and if there isn't enough air pressure, as is the case at high
> > altitudes, the heads might hit the disks. But I don't know what the
> > altitude limit is.
> > --
> >

> I looked at getting the XS-drive myself quite recently...
> Altitude and climate problems aside, I decided that it was more a case of
> 'all-eggs-in-one-basket' and, after reveiwing the falling price of CF cards,
> I decided against it and invested in more CF cards instead..
> I found that I could get 512Mb CF cards for around 70UKP each and, tho 20Gb
> was a good size, 4 or 5GB was more practical for my purposes and split
> accross 8 or 10 CF cards reduced the risks of data loss (both because CF are
> solid state and distributing the data too).
> Consider a worst case scenario - Your XS-Drive gets
> lost/stolen/dropped/drowned etc - (CF may well survive the latter 2 and it
> is easier to slip CF cards in your pocket/socks/belt etc)
> 20Gb or more is nice - but do you really need that much portable storage?

Well, I'll be travelling with a notebook *and* the Xs Drive, so the all-
eggs-in-one-basket scenario wouldn't happen. But I'm a heavy shooter
(200 photos/day happen frequently) and was thinking of shooting entirely
RAW on my trip to Malaysia. That's over 7MB/image which is why I bought
the Xs Drive (only a 100 Euro expense, as I already had the HDD). In
addition, I might do some treks and won't have access to the notebook
for a couple of days.
In any case, my question remains - what is the max. altitude at which
you can operate the Xs Drive ?

Alfred Molon
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