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Re: VHDL Goto statement ?

Skybuck Flying
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I found a nice vhdl reference which explains how the code is turned into
"real world" logical gates etc...

Pretty cool and interesting stuff which is worth spending some time on
studieing it

So it seems procedures/functions get turned into blocks of gates etc time
they are called, like an inline function or macro in c ?


"Skybuck Flying" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:...
> Hi,
> Does VHDL have a goto statement ?
> I would like to use a goto statement to prevent "expensive" procedure

> etc... (at least in pascal it would be expensive)
> But maybe for VHDL it doesn't matter if code is split up in procedures ?
> Still... It could be handy to write stuff in pascal with goto's and then
> later convert it to VHDL... but since it doesn't have goto's I guess those
> goto's will have to be replaced by procedure calls later..
> Bye,
> Skybuck.

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