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Re: Writing photos to DVD

Jim Townsend
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eeb912 wrote:

> The guy at Best Buy told me that the best way to store photos is on DVD.
> Ok, I have a DVD burner in my computer but can't figure out how to write
> photos onto it. When I write photos to a CD, I go into "My Pictures" (using
> Windows XP), pick write photos to CD and poof, onto the CD they go. I tried
> this with a DVD in the burner and no go. (I didn't really expect it to
> work.) I have Studio Version 8 and I know how to write a DVD using that,
> but the photos aren't accessible individually for editing, printing, etc.
> It just shows a slide show of the photos I have put together.
> Does anybody know how to do this? I just want a folder of photos on there
> that I can access as if they were on a CD. Do I need to get new software
> for this? I looked at the DVD software that came with the computer and all
> it does is play DVD's.

This should work.. I use my DVD burner to archive photos. At 4.7 Gigabytes
per disk, you can hold a lot of pictures

Does your DVD burner have provisions to write your DVD as a data disk ? If so,
slect that and just move the jpeg files over as files.

Another option (if your DVD burner & software supports it), is to set the drive
up for packet writing.. Once done, you can format the disk and copy files to
it just like you would a floppy disk..

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