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Grey Balancer Software for 2200 ?

Cliff Spicer
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"Bob O`Bob" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Cliff Spicer wrote:
> > I completely disagree with your interpretation of the situation. What

> > are saying is the same as me going to photograph a couple's wedding with
> > their impression that they are getting a professional, spending the day
> > shooting it and not delivering what is promised. Even if I don't take

> > couple's money should they feel bad for the time I spent? I realize this

> > an exaggerated scenario but never the less as a professional I would go

> > great lengths to do what I could to see if I could do anything more such

> > shoot some portraits after the fact or whatever. I wouldn't just say,
> > "sorry, the last 50 weddings worked out but for some reason yours

> > Here is your money back." I believe that the fact the vendor did not

> > any attempt to rectify this problem is a weak business practice and
> > demonstrates and the money being returned does not impress me in the

> > way. With that said, it is an interesting discussion and I appreciated

> > points you have raised.

> What did you lose, which in any way deserves even
> comparison to the loss of someone's wedding photos?
> You're making a totally inappropriate appeal
> to emotional effect, and it's backfiring.

Disagree again Bob. It is not a question of what is lost but what are
acceptable business practices. As I stated my example was a stretch but was
meant to illustrate what a professional does to rectify a problem be it a
doctor who has an unhappy patient or a garbage collector who has someone on
their route who doesn't like the fact the cans are left upside down. The
example is irrelevant and appears to have lost my point if you think I was
going for emotion. My point is I am a professional and I have standards
which I live up to whether I have an unhappy customer who doesn't like the
crop on a print or an unhappy client I have shoot a once in a lifetime photo
for. They both deserve a professional approach regardless of what is lost.


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