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On 19 Jul 2003 21:44:50 -0700, Removed) (Elflan) wrote:

>I know this has been explained probably but I can't find the solution.
>The CF card is a Sandisk 8 meg card.
>The reader is a new PNY card reader.
>The OS is Win XP
>I take some pictures with my hp camera.
> I see the images in the camera.
>I put the card into the PNY card reader go to "MY COMPUTER". The
>Drive letter
>for Removeable storage is there, everythings fine but when I click on
>the cards folder, I get this message " G:\IMHKFA0F is not accessible.
> The file or directory is corrupted and
>I have formatted this card. Problem repeats.
>I only have the "Quick Format" option.
>It only allows formatting using FAT, not FAT32
> I AM able to move .jpg's to the card and open them in my photo
>editing software etc.
>I tried reading the card with a different Card Reader,(Sandisk CF
>reader), on a different computer,(a laptop), but it won't work there
>I ran SCANDISK and it found no problems.
>I have never had this problem before.
>I don't think it's matters but I recently had to format a couple of
>128 meg cards using FAT 32 to be able to use them on my mp3 player.
>This is somehow connected to Win XP because I just bought this pc not
>long ago and didn't have these problems with my Win 98.
>I have read about uninstalling USB devices in Device Manager but don't
>want to screw anything up. Advice is appreciated.

Try reinstalling the reader. simple steps :- click on
Look down the list and click on SYSTEM/HARDWARE/DEVICE MANAGER.
look down the list and click HUMAN INTERFACE DEVICES/USB .
At the top of the screen click on actions then uninstall. follow the
screen directions.
Put the disk that came with your reader into the cd rom and reinstall.
if you still get the same problems return the reader along with your
card and ask them to trial it on their computer.
hope this helps.
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