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Re: Best Camera For Under 1000

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$1000 for everything? Figure the cost for extra memory cards, rechargeable
batteries, a card reader, and perhaps a case for the camera. Do you want
to shoot indoors without a flash or tripod? In that case, you need a camera
with a very fast lens. A Sony F717, Olympus C5050, Canon G3, g4, or G5
would fit that category. Only the C5050 takes AA batteries though. The
C5050 comes with a charger and 4 nimh rechargeable batteries. Extra
sets of AA nimh rechargeable batteries are inexpensive. The C5050
takes Compact flash(plus Smart Media and XD cards). The Canons
also take inexpensive Compact flash, while the Sony takes expensive
Memory Sticks. If you want interchangeable lenses, figure on raising
your budget to $2000 or more. The C5050 looks like a good choice
overall, except that the zoom is only 35-105 mm equivalent. The lens
is f1.8-2.6 though, which is great for shooting in low light.

SDI wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have had a Oly D-320L camera sense their inception and I'm looking for a
> new digital camera and would like some input.
> The most important things I would like are:
> When I push the d*mn button I want the picture now, not .5 - 1
> seconds later.
> Ability to take shots in rapid succession. Not seconds later.
> Higher the res. the better (obviously)
> Possibly interchangeable lenses.
> Voice stamping would be nice.
> Standard off the shelf batteries. (AA or something)((I hate being
> tied to a power cord to charge))
> Video would be cool but not a necessity.
> If anybody has any other good info I would appreciate it.
> Please be brand/model specific. I will lookup and compare after good
> feedback.
> Thanks
> Habu

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