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Re: cmos & ccd

Don Stauffer
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Aren't the CMOS chips also CCDs? I thought they were both 'bucket
brigade' devices, but the normal ones in NMOS but some using CMOS CCD.

Jim Townsend wrote:
> Pena wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > CCD's are suffering hot or dead pixels to some point BUT is it the same with
> > CMOS, does it have the same 'problem'?

> I don't think there's a big difference between either technologies as far as
> one having more dead pixels than the other.. You can read a detailed
> explanation of CMOS vs CCD here:
> > I have CMOS but so far noticed just
> > some occasional dust particles on the sensor.

> Yes, dust is a pain
> But.. you probably have A LOT more hot or dead pixels than you realize.
> When sensors are made, there are always inevitable flaws in the manufacturing
> process.
> At the factory, when the camera is being set up, they actually program the
> camera firmware to ignore, or map out the dead and hot pixels. Good firmware
> will actually re-create the eliminated pixels by averaging those that were
> adjacent to it.

Don Stauffer in Minnesota Removed)
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