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Re: Photographing Silverware

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"Frank ess" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:h%HOa.118952$(E-Mail Removed). ..
> "saprising" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> | I recall that in addition to the light tent some people use a matte
> black paper with a hole just large enough
> | for the camera lens on the front side of the light tent. Never tried
> this myself.
> | Mike
> |
> I have one of those made of thick posterboard (I'll use foamcore for
> the next one). It's black on one side and 18% gray on the other. It
> keeps the camera and operator frome showing up when I use a copy stand
> to photograph curled photos or other such things that must be held flat
> while shooting. And you can't have too many "gray cards" around.
> I don't have any experience with such an arrangement in a light tent,
> but every object in the environment is likely to become a feature of a
> reflective subject. It may be worth your while to eliminate that black
> (lens) speck from silverware. Or not.
> For my less-than-exacting requirements photographing model cars for
> personal inventory and catalog, my arrangement almost always works
> good: 32-inch translucent white reflector suspended about a foot above
> the subject, in full daylight when I can manage it. An example: 1/43
> scale (about 3 1/2-inch) Lotus XI
> (I think that's me just to the rear of the left headlamp cover)
> But nothing will work as good as a genuine light tent or dome and
> meticulous care.
> Frank ess

Oh Frank You are not only a good writer but also a good photographer
..Congratulations. I will try Your technique today. Perhaps You would share
Your other techniques too ?

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