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Re: Digital Photo Magazine Recommendation

Lucrezia Herman
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In message <MlkQa.54296$H17.15465@sccrnsc02>, AlanRab
<(E-Mail Removed)> writes
>Does anyone have a recommendation for a digital photography-oriented
>magazine that is well-balanced, meaning it not only covers equipment and
>accessories but also photo tips?
>Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

There are several very good UK-based magazines, which may be available
where you are, a couple of which have very useful web sites reproducing
previously-published articles and tutorials. See my listing with web
links at

I'd especially recommend two: Digital Photo and Digital Camera, but
Practical Photography (by the same publisher as Digital Photo) also
incorporates a section devoted to digital, and is the best *all-round*
photography magazine I've found.

I don't recommend you rely on any magazines as a primary source of
equipment reviews - you're much better off at


Lucrezia Herman
email: Removed)
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