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Re: What film body to pair with a D100

Randy Howard
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In article <Xns93B3EABC2EB0Bxyzzyxyzzy@>, Removed) says...
> "Tom Scales" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote let it be known in
> news:Kj4Pa.2146$(E-Mail Removed)
> > I'm about to make the D100 plunge, but am new to Nikon. I'd
> > like a film body to share the lenses. Don't want to spend
> > lots of money, so I'll probably buy a used one, but know
> > nothing about their bodies.
> >
> > Any suggestions?

> From what I've read, the D100 is based on the N80 body. So if
> you want a film camera that has basically the same 'feel' and
> control layout, I would look at that model.

If you want a Nikon film body that has fast AF and a shutter that
doesn't sound like the doors opening on the old Star Trek, get
something OTHER than the N80. I have one, in addition to an F5,
and the N80 is not enjoyable once you're used to actual fast
focusing on another camera. Go for a used F100 instead.

Randy Howard
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