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Re: Where is the 35mm newsgroup?

Dallas D
Posts: n/a
"Nick Zentena" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message

> > Do they discuss 35mm lenses that fit on my D60 in Or
> > flash units? Or studio lights?

> Well if you go there and do it they will.

Doubt it.

> >
> > I'll discuss DSLR's here, along with all the other people who have made

> > move to digital but stuck with the 35mm system.

> That makes no sense. If you've moved to digital then you haven't stuck
> with 35mm.

How do you rationalise that? Are you one of those people who believe that
you can only have either digital or 35mm and not both?

> I'm curious the local police claim child molestors are always digital
> users. Are you? Is it true digital cause brain damage? Is it true

> all use digital cameras?

You should refrain from posting whilst under the influence of whatever drugs
you have been consuming.

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