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Re: Macro and High res woes

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Aloha Tesselatoe thnak you for your kind repply and to answer your question
what I will be using The camera for, Macro shots esthetic picture shots of
hawaii moments that I feel awe for. And Since I am an artistic creative
person ideas for use will come when the oportunities present themselve. I am
learning to design web sites possibly if I get good at it I may design them
for others. for now I know I could get by withna 2MP camera except for Macro
work. and I wondered what Cameras out ther do good macrowork other than
olimpus .
"Tesselator" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bdkotq$8un$(E-Mail Removed)...
> "Dick" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message

news:ADiLa.127379$(E-Mail Removed) ...
> > The Olympus C-4000 4MP has a wonderful Macro feature going to about one

> > to take a shot of a bee. The C4040 4.1 MP, suposedly a super set of the
> > C-4000 does not have that super Macro and begins near 8". The new C5050
> > 5MPhowever is outfited with that macro of near 1".
> > So either I seek the C4000 4MP or the C5050 at 5MP.
> > What other cameras have such a Macro near 1" ?

> Many (all?) models in the CoolPix line have 4cm or less in macro mode.
> > This News group seems very focused near the 3MP. I have read all your

> > comparing te A40/A60/A70 With te Nikon 2100/3100 looked at the pictures,

> > have no such input for the C4000 Olympus nor any for the C5050 to see if

> > would ever need such resolutions of 4MP/5MP and the expense of them.

> It's probably just a result of the depth of the average consumers
> pocket-book. Both the 4040 and the 5050 are excellent cameras I will
> buy a 5050 soon I think to add to my collection. Don't be put off by
> the working range of a camera's macro mode which in the 4040 is 0.2 - 0.8

> but rather focus your attention of the level of magnification it is
> capable of. I would much rather have a working range of a foot or more
> if I could still get the same magnification as a macro engeneered to
> operate at minute distances.
> As far as the expense and usefulness of a 5MP unit I guess you alone
> can answer that. What will you be using the camera for? etc.
> >
> > I welcome suggestions beands and models to look at and consider. And the
> > advice of where to limit the quality persuits (weakness) I or many of

> > may have .
> > What to do what to do....hmmmmm
> >
> > Dick in Hawaii

> Someone should make a FAQ if there isn't one already, of the "ideal"
> features to look for in a digital camera. Like:
> The ability to go manual in as many aspects as possible.
> The ability to store and transfer uncompressed images.
> The ability to add attachements (PC, Hotshoe, Tripod mount, lens filters,

> Readable LCD menus
> Tilt/Rotate/Swivel LCD Pannels.
> All glass (coated) lens elements.
> Other than plastic body frame,
> USB or Serial Camera Control via computer or etc. (other than downloading)
> Etc.
> Etc.
> Etc.
> And thier _simple_ respective explaination. Like:
> USB/Ser. Cam. Control -- Will allow you to to create ultra hi res stop

> and time-laps motion sequences.
> Non-Plastic Cam Body -- Will save you a trip to the repair shop if you

> the thing.
> Etc.
> Etc.
> Etc.
> Anyone know of a faq like that?

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