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Re: Why Does flatfish Posts Upset This Group So Much?

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Astroturfing bonobo magilla wrote:

> W


Because this group is comprised of mostly rabid windi advocates who
because of their blindfolds can't see the forest for the tress.

Or spell trees properly.

These astroturfers working for micoshaft
will lie through their teeth just to make windope look
good and when a person, any person, posts a negative anything thread
they will mobilize like a nest of cockroaches heading towards a jar
of jelly.

Like a child observing an ant farm it's actually a very interesting
phenomena to watch if you got time to become a stupid windope
payee instead of trying out the hundreds of free liveCDs

Coka COLA is essentially useful for windope
advocacy because it is just so full of windope astroturfers
tripping themselves up, the pompous attitudes of the core group of posters
and the obvious fairy tales of how windies saved the day that Windows
destroyed by viri.

Windi users always seem to have these horrid difficulties with
Windows and always seem to have a GNU/Linux CD in their back pocket to
save the day. Hundreds of them available free at
Things like DSL can boot from CD and repair your disk even if
your windope PC shite is gone bye bye.

It's hysterical reading tripe of how windies have
to resort to anal probing to get their os working.
Just stick a liveCD in and back up/recover partitions etc
is no problem. LiveCDs like oralux even speak out of the box!

You must understand the microshaft and Billy Goat has told me
that most of the people in this group are anti-social oddballs and freaks
living at home with their parents and inventing windope love from
behind on the phone, oops sorry Janis Ian. I am relaying micoshaft
thoughts unto you as a paid micoshaft astroturfer.

Then you have the bitter people who have either lost their jobs or
been demoted because Windopes has blown over, try your hand
at Linux, its free and you never lose any of your training
or skill sets.

This group has a lot of this type of winope bozos.

Of course we have the Hamilcar Barcas (ku karlovsky etc), the Terry
Porter's (check and you will figure it out) and the
usual brains like Peter who always know that even after I switch
identities, my name is still flat fish. The flat footed
Flounder variety. I mention their names because the phosphor
dots are more than just glowing in my eyes right now.

Geriatrics still living in the 70's like Gaycloud.
15 year olds posting from internet cafes and so forth.
Thats what happens when you become a windope. Everything
looks gay. Most of us have no mind to speak of. We are but
the mouth pieces for microshaft and lifeless bum boys.

Linux is a decent operating system, but it is in dire need of flushing
windope advocates down the pan because the flat fishes in COLA are all dried
up and starting to stink with a stench worse than 3 week old sour fish
left in the sun.

So anyone thinking of trying Linux, you can take whatever a COLA engineers
will tell you but with windope, divide it by 25 and you will have a
realistic idea of what to expect if you are trying to compare.
Try a liveCD now and be happy instead of being gay and become
stupid payees for micoshaft.

Linux...When your time has run out.....

Hire a WINDOPE-NUT...They're Fun To Watch wrecking your business
with viri! And spending your IT budgets as if there is no tomorrow
when they should be making do with what they got and using
things like Open Office free .

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Black Baptist
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Whine Whine Whine
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Layth ibn Alam al-Muhallabi
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Rick <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Is it okay for me to have sexual fantasies about a friend's spouse?

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