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DNAT on Cisco 1800?

Tomasz Grzelak
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I've got a Cisco 1800 router with IOS 12.3(T5.
There are two interfaces:
1. Inside (A.B.C.D) [LAN]
2. Outside (W.X.Y.Z) [public IP; but I can have more than one public IP
from my provider]
There is classic NAT overload (PAT) configured on the router to make LAN
devices access the Internet.

Now I have a device in the LAN, and I want the device be accessible from
the Internet. I can use another public IP from the same subnet that the
W.X.Y.Z address belongs to, this is no problem.
I want to (for example) go to http://<anothet_public_IP> and open the
site from the LAN device's www server.

But how can I configure the Destination Address Translation on the router?
I have found how to do TCP load distribution, but it is not the case. I
want to do DNAT for specified ports and protocols.

How can I do it?

Have you got an example of this or links to sites explaining the problem?
Can you help me, please?

Thank you,
Tomasz Grzelak
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