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HELP: How can I use Waitec E-ZI phonebox (USB adapter) w/ Voipstunt ?

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Somebody knows how I can use my USB adapter ( it connects my handset to USB
and to PSTB) with Voipstunt?
I tried a software for Voipbuster, but I have troubles with the handlink of
the audio: It only works fine if I start my call through the PC speakers
and after I switch to USB audio, but i'm not able to start directly from USB

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this following usb adapter can work with voipstunt: ,I waited for
long time for it. it seems they releases the software(use the sam
software as voipbuster) today. lucky me. I checked the following phone
support voipstunt: , ,

But I the following one does not work with voipstunt: ,

I do hope this adapter works with voipstunt

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