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Free USA number for family to call me on (Sipgate)

Ivor Jones
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"Alex" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> I have two sipgate accounts, and neither of my PSTN
> numbers corresponds to my SIP number. One of my PSTN
> numbers starts 888xxx (after the area code, obviously),
> and the sip number for that account starts 662xxxx,
> whilst the other starts 998xxx and the sip number is
> 972xxxx. It took me a while to work out what Ivor was on
> about, until I realised his assumptions were wrong about
> having the same SIP/PSTN numbers (or parts of). At a guess I'd say you
> get the same numbers if their
> avaliable, however if someones already had your local
> PSTN number on a different exchange as their SIP number
> you could get allocated a random one...

That's probably the case. All my numbers except one are relatively early
ones, allocated when Sipgate first started in the UK over a year ago,
although the one I set up a couple of months ago also corresponds, but it
isn't an exchange code with an awful lot of users so there are probably
lots of spare numbers.

In any event, always use the 7 digit SIP ID when setting up an ipkall


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snabee snabee is offline
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One question though, I have hooked up my SIPGATE details with IPKall as follows:

Sipgate ID: 590xxxx (Displayed in the SipGate X-Lite screen)

However, the US number assigned to me by IPKall always returns busy tone.

Can any of you guys help? Will be much appreciated.


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