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Register Files for synthesis

Mohammed A khader
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Hi all,

I need to synthesize a Register file with 1 synchronous Input Write
and 2 asynchoronous Output Read . First Output 'Data_Out1' must be
connected to all the registers (16 here) but second Output
'Data_Out2' needs to be connected to only last 4 registers ( 12 to 15
). This is to reduce the complexity and 2 bits for addressing the
Data_Out2 port.
To attain this offset I added '12' to the address of the second
Data2_Out <= Regfile_Coff(TO_INTEGER(addrs2_Out)+12);

Code is given below..

When I synthesize this using synplicity it is creating 2 register
files one for each port . Later during mapping it is removing the 4
registers from one of the register file. But at the end still it has 2
differnt register files.

Please give me some suggestion to fix this.
Thank you.

entity Coff_Regfile is
Data_In : in WORD; -- Input Data
Addrs_In : in unsigned(3 downto 0); -- Input Address
Addrs1_Out : in unsigned(3 downto 0); -- Output Address 1
Addrs2_Out : in unsigned(1 downto 0); -- Output Address 2
Coff_Wr : in std_logic; -- Write Enable
Clk : in std_logic; -- Global Clk
Reset : in std_logic; -- Global Reset

Data1_Out : out WORD; -- Output Data 1
Data2_Out : out WORD -- Output Data 2
end entity Coff_Regfile;

architecture Coff_Regfile_Arch of Coff_Regfile is
type Regfile is array (natural range<>) of WORD;
signal Regfile_Coff : Regfile(0 to 15);
-- Concurrent Statements

-- Regfile_Read Assignments
Data1_Out <= Regfile_Coff(TO_INTEGER(Addrs1_Out));
Data2_Out <= Regfile_Coff(TO_INTEGER(addrs2_Out)+12);
-- Sequential Process
-- Register File Write Process
if(Reset = '0')then
Regfile_Coff <= (others =>(others => '0'));
if(Coff_Wr = '1')then
Regfile_Coff(TO_INTEGER(Addrs_In)) <= Data_In;
end if;
end if;

end process Regfile_Write;
end architecture Coff_Regfile_Arch;

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Mohammed A khader
Posts: n/a

Sorry, It was my mistake in interpreting the result from schematic .
I rectified the mistake. synplicity has synthezied it as logic.

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