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Re: Daft VOIP question?

Ivor Jones
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"Peter" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Thank you all. OK, 2 more daft questions:
> If I want to make VOIP calls to a friend somewhere, and
> we both have ADSL, statis (or known) IPs, and ethernet
> VOIP phones, do we need anything else? Should it just
> work?
> What happens if the IPs aren't static. Is there some
> central server for looking up the IPs from say a number
> or ID?

This is why you use a VoIP provider such as - you get a
normal phone number that can be dialled from anywhere, including another
VoIP phone. It is possible to do it direct with IP addresses but it's not
as simple as that. Sipgate is free to try and to call between phones on
the same and other systems that have a peering agreement. You only need to
pay if you call out to the PSTN.

I would suggest you direct further questions to uk.telecom.voip (cross
posted there for this message).


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