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Network not respoonding
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I have 3 computers connected to a router, 1 is wired and 2 are
wireless. I also have a network printer that is wired into the router.
The computer that I am having difficulties with is the one that is
wired into the network.
- I have shared files that I use for school on a wireless desktop that
is left on 24/7. My laptop has no issues opening, viewing, editing,
moving, and closing these files out on my network. This in not the
case with my wired machine.
- The wired machine is an athlon based system running the most current
version of windows xp professional with service pack 2. I have office
2003 installed on this computer and all of the windows and office
updates have been installed successfully from microsoft. This machine
also has IIS installed but it is not running. I have no difficulties
browsing the web or printing on the networked printer, but when it
comes to opening, closing, saving, viewing, changing any of the files
on the network share it will tell me that the program or the explorer
window accessing the files is not responding. If I wait long enough
though it will correct itself and allow me to do what I am requesting.
- Here is what I have done so far
- I have verified that the problem exists only on this wired machine
thru opening and moving files back and forth using my other two
computers. No issues... fast
- Ethernet connections are all good to this computer, no interuptions
- Uninstalled all of my anti virus, anti spyware, and firewall
software. I have also turned off the windows firewall.
- I turned disabled and stopped services such as IIS from the services
link in the control panel.
- Does anyone have any suggestions that I may have overlooked. The
problem seems to have started close to the time when I installed IIS a
few weeks ago, but I can not confirm this.

Thanks all

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Diamontina Cocktail
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<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)

> If I wait long enough though it will correct itself and allow me to do
> what I am requesting.

That about says it all for me. I have this picture in my head that ALL
computers on your network are auto assigned IP numbers. Do yourself a favour
and manually assign IP numbers to all of them and try again.

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