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Direct SIP URL Dialing

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
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I know some people here run their own asterisk servers and others have
unlocked ATA's that they can modify the dial plans of. Sipbroker has
been collecting the hostnames of open sip servers and assigning a
unique prefix code to each of them. That allows anyone, even someone
that can't dial alphabetic URL's directly, to dial a three-digit
prefix and be redirected to the desired sip server. The effect is
that users can use sipbroker to call other sip users directly for free
without involving any telco hops.

Folks that run their own asterisk don't really need sipbroker to
redirect anything for them. They can just as well have their asterisk
server call the destination directly -- if their asterisk knows about
mappings. To that end I put together an asterisk config file snippet
that can be included in the extensions.conf file to allow asterisk to
route calls with a **XXX prefix to the appropriate sip server. These
mappings use the same prefixes as sipbroker and route to the same sip

Sipbroker also encourages folks to add listings for their sip servers,
so in theory everyone with a sip server could join in the fun. (asterisk conf file) (raw mapping file) (dial-out macro)

I'll update these files periodically, so they should track sipbroker's
web page as folks add themselves.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
Direct SIP URL Dialing:
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