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feasibility of stochastic systems on FPGA

Divyang M
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I am looking for comments on what other hardware designers think of
implementing stochastic systems on an FPGA and share their views and
experience if they've designed such a system before.

I am personally trying to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a
beta distribution on a Stratix S80 chip (I probably have a maximum of
50% of the resources on the chip for this purpose), so any views on
this specific (beta distribution) are also very much welcome.

Also, can anyone point to some literature on this topic? I've so far
only been able to find 2 references (both by the same author). Here
they are for those intrested:

"Implementing a hidden Markov model speech recognition system in
programmable logic", FPL 2001, S.J. Melnikoff et al.

"Implementing a Simple Continuous Speech Recognition System on an
FPGA", IEEE FCCM 2002, S.J. Melnikoff et al.

Thank you,
Divyang M

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Divyang M
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Forgot to put the link above..

The beta distribution is here:

I'm trying to implement equation (1)

where B(a,b) is given by equation (1 in the following link..

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