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Day Three: Vonage sucks

Wes Groleau
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Three times in a row, their router gave me a DHCP address
on reboot, and approximately one hour later, refused to accept
any packets, including pings, new DHCP requests, and attempts
to access the configuration http server. Reboot again is the
only way to get back online.

Their tech support is just like Microsoft: Unplug, cycle power,
reboot, .... Except that Microsoft uses phone lines that don't
cut out and techs that can understand my English.

Next, I am unable to call the number they gave me. Their tech
was unable to accept my explanation that a firewall IN THE COMPUTER
is not able to keep the adapter upstream from talking to their server.

Audio quality was OK, except that about ten times in a fifteen
minute call it snipped about one second of audio from the conversation.

I'm sending it back.

Wes Groleau

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Someone who comes from out of town and shows slides.
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Wes Groleau
Posts: n/a
Wes Groleau wrote:
> I'm sending it back.

Day four: It takes seven or eight levels of
automated menus to get to a human to tell them
you want the refund. But it's interesting that
when you select a sales or "un-sale" option
instead of tech support, you get someone who
speaks English.

However, he uses his command of English to apply
the hard-sell. Didn't work, just irritated me
even more.

Wes Groleau

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable.
-- John F. Kennedy
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