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How 2 improve SkypeOut sound quality?

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Hi All,

As far as my experiences with VoIP go, so far I've used with success
VoipBuster (calling to a regular landline phone), and I've had mixed
results with Skype - sometimes I can hardly tell the diference from a
"regular" phone call, while other times the speech is cut, and both
parties, mostly I, have to repeat the sentence.

While using VoipBuster, I noticed the softphone gives you the chance
to specify what kind of connection you have - broadband or dialup -
which I a concept apparently not present in Skype ...

I'd be willing to trade some speech quality, for speech consistency,
to avoid cuts. Is that possible in Skype? In any other interesting
provider that doesn't regular regular payments? (Except for VoipCheap,
which seems to come from the same fellows as VoipBuster, that is ...)

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