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VoIP Solution

John R. Levine
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>The bulk of our telephone charges come from the international calls,
>which include pretty much all of Europe and especially East Europe
>(Serbia, Croatia) There we have family and we call pretty regulary.

>I am not as interested in having another Boston number, but if I was to
>go with a VoIP number, I would perhaps choose a UK number as there I
>lived for a while and have many friends. ...

I still can't tell can't tell what problem you want to solve. If you
just want to make a lot of cheap calls to Europe, look at Lingo or
Boradvoice or iconnecthere, all of which have plans that include free
calling to much of Europe and reasonable rates to the Balkans, around
8 cpm to Croatia, 13 cpm to Serbia. Most offer local numbers in the UK,
albeit often at extra cost.

If you don't care if anyone can call you on your VoIP, also look at
Net2phone's PC->phone service which is quite cheap.

>So you are suggesting a SIP provider and getting some equipment?

No, I'm just suggesting getting a SIP provider. As I've said at least
three times now, the provider gives you equipment that works with
their service.

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