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Line Quality problem with Cox/Vonage
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I have had line quality issue for a very long time and want to
troubleshoot them. Many calls to Vonage Support have made varrious
tweaks and upgrades and most recently changed motorola voice router to
a Linksys. Here is configuration:

COX HSI ----> Cable Modem ---->Voice Router--->Wireless 802.11g
.................................900 Mhz cordless

Speeds on Vonage Line Test

Download 1,851,576 bps
Upload 452,936 bps
QOS 56%
RTT 90 ms
MaxPause 131 ms

My Results (late night)
Download 1,743,976 bps
Upload 459,856 bps
QOS 70%
RTT 90 ms
MaxPause 140 ms

Cable Modem = SMC8002CM
Voice Router = Linksys RT31P2
Wireless Router = Motorola WR850G
900 mhz Cordless phone = VTech VT2910C

95% of my calls are made while in front of my laptop with wireless
notebook card installed.

I really do not have any complaints with my COX HSI connection, always
fast downloads. I really have problems with the phone quality during
peak inet traffic (mornings and late afternoons/early evening) That
said, that is just when it is worse. I have problems almost every call
and I am on the phone a lot, as I work from home.

I have recently done some pingplots and do not show much packet loss,
except during the peak times. Here is my ping plot . I did not run long enough to
catch the morning, but I am sure it would be like the late afternoon.
Not sure if I ran it right. Just had it ping the pingplotter website. I
tried to ping the Vonage site and had similar results, but the last
ping at Vonage was 100% packet loss at all times.

How about my phone, could any interference be going on? I dont have a
hardwire to check it out.

I have to solve this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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