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Does anyone use NIST-JAIN?

Bruno Vignola
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Hi all,

does anyone use the NIST implementation of JAIN?

I am trying this SIP stack and have to develop a multi-thread
client which manages about 30 concurrent SIP sessions; every
thread opens a session, managing an INVITE transaction and close
it with a BYE. I understood that a unique SipFactory/SipStack
instances should be used so I created a unique SipFactory, SipStack
SipProvider, Headerfactory, MessageFactory etc. instances shared
between all the running threads; all seems to work but, at every
INVITE/BYE performed by each thread, the memory used increases,
reaching a java "out of memory" exception after about 3,000
transactions ...

Am I using a wrong model? In a NIST example, the SipStack is shut
down after the BYE, but how to manage it in a multi-thread scenario
where all the thread uses the same SipStack? Or maybe this scenario
is wrong?

Could anyone help me with some hints?

Thank you all in advance

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