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Problems with Skype

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I've installed Skype on a 5+ year old laptop (Compaq Presario 1277,
477mhz, 64mb) running Windows 98SE, 56K dialup mode. As would be
expected, I'm having problems with the sound quality. I know that
Skype is designed for more
modern computers, but I've seen posting of some who have been

These are my thoughts on what could be wrong, besides getting a more
computer or chosing another VOIP program.

1. The microphone: unlikely as it has worked well in the past with
voice recognition software.

2. The computer program: Skype seems to work okay. It installed well
ran well, but seemed to be slow. As a matter of fact, many people
were trying
to Skype me while I was Skyping someone else.

3. The use of a dial-up modem: I am hooked up to a 56K dial up modem;
don't have broadband or DSL. On various newsgroups, it appears that
people have been able to use a 56K modem, but they too have had sound

4. The computer itself: I think this is the root of my problems. As
mentioned previously, this laptop is about 5 years old and runs at
477mhz and 64mb RAM. I think it just might be too slow to be
effective for Skype. Unfortunatly, I can't use computer at work.

If there are other VOIP & similar programs that could successfully run
in this environment, please let me know, as I would appreciate your

Tony Removed)
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