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Sipura low ring voltage problem ...

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I am having trouble with my Sipura SPA-2000 (through BroadVoice). I am
fairly sure that the problem is related to low ring voltage.

I have had several problems related to caller ID. I cannot get caller ID to
show up on my InTeleScreener device and I have trouble with call-waiting
caller ID on some older Uniden 900Mhz phones (DXI 386-2).

I am unable to experiment with the Sipura because the regional settings are
locked by BroadVoice.

Today, I bought a voltage meter so that I could check actual ring voltage. I
still have my SBC POTS line as well as the BroadVoice sipura to compare.

Sure enough, the SBC POTS line consistently provided an AC ring voltage of
84-85 volts.

Running the same test, the Sipura only provided a maximum ring voltage of
44-45 volts even though the configuration says that it should be set to 70
volts with a range of 60-90 volts.

I was very careful with my measurements and used a .1 microfarad capacitor
to filter out DC when measuring AC ring voltage.

Based on these findings, I have to assume that the Sipura is probably
defective, or that it needs a firmware update.

Has anybody else run into a similar problem? Is the unit defective and
should I ask for a replacement, or is this common across all Sipuras?

Other than this issue, the Sipura has worked extremely well. I currently
have BroadVoice as well as FWD on line 2 running.

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