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Port Mapping

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I am trying to do write the data into the RAm using CPLD..
CPLD is interfaced to a USB chip wjich is producing new
data at each falling edge of the clock. Now, My question
is that I am directing equating the USB bus( 8 bit port )
to the data bus . Is it right way to do it?

Entity DPR is

port (

Data_Bus : out unsigned (13 downto 0);

USB_Data :in unsigned ( 7 downto 0);


End DPR;

Process( State2 )


Case State2 is

When G0=>
inc <='1';
Data_Bus ( 13 downto <= USB_Data ( 5 downto 0 );
UBL <='0'; --1 old value
LBL <='1'; --0 0ld value
nextstate2 <=G1;

When G1 =>
inc <='0';
Data_Bus ( 7 downto 0) <= USB_Data ( 7 downto 0 );
UBL <='1'; --0 old value
LBL <='0'; --1 old value
nextstate2 <=G0;

When others =>

nextstate2 <=G0;

End case;

End Process;

Process (USB_CLK )

If( USB_CLK 'Event And USB_CLK ='0' ) Then

State2 <= nextstate2;
State <= nextstate;
End If;

End Process;


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I would say, that you first register the data coming from the USB and
then put it on the data bus.


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