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Phil Thompson
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On 29 Mar 2004 11:48:14 -0800, Removed) (Dave Farrell)

>Anybody willing to assist me abd Paulo or point us in the right

can't you get it from one of the SIP service providers

for example:

"In order to utilize our service with an ATA device, you must
synchronize your device's firmware version with iConnectHere. We
recommend using the latest supported firmware ATA Version 2.16 186
(Build 030709a). To locate the version that you are using please go to
the bottom of the Configuration webpage and you will see the version
number listed on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

To upgrade your firmware version please follow the steps below:
Pick up the phone and press the button on the ATA, you will hear the
prompt ’Configuration Menu.’
Press 1,0,0,# to access the upgrade menu.
Enter the following IP address and port information into the phone
exactly as listed: 213*137*73*159*8000#
After about 2 minutes you will hear the words “Upgrade Successful” 5.
To confirm the upgrade, please press 1,2,3#to hear the version of your
ATA repeated back to you.

Please note, interrupting the installation in anyway such as picking
up the handset or disconnecting the ATA during the upgrade will cause
the upgrade to fail and may cause permanent damage to your ATA."

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