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TW vs. Packet8 VoIP

Nehmo Sergheyev
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I'm in Kansas City, Kansas

According to Time Warner, its digital phone features are only
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Waiting ID

Packet8 says it has more features
Voice Mail
Caller ID
Unlimited Talk Time
Call Waiting
3 way Conferencing
Caller ID Blocking
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting Caller ID
Online Management

Packet8 is $20/month whereas TW, after three months goes up to $40 from
$20. And I use 3-way calling. I can't see any reason to stay with TW on
the digital phone, which is what I currently have.

So as long as I'm going to switch, is there any other company offering
VoIP in KC?

FW although free, doesn't give you a
number that can be called directly by a regular phone.

* Nehmo Sergheyev *

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John R. Levine
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>Packet8 is $20/month whereas TW, after three months goes up to $40 from
>$20. And I use 3-way calling. I can't see any reason to stay with TW on
>the digital phone, which is what I currently have.

The only advantage of TW's service is that it actually works.

TW uses dedicated bandwidth to a local switch. It doesn't run over
your Internet connection and you can get TW's phone service without

Packet8, like other VoIP services, mixes its data in with the rest of
your Internet data and sends it off to their switch which is in
California. All VoIP services do that, but Packet8 appears less
reliable than others and has had multi-hour outages, apparently
because there's nobody around outside 9-5 to notice.

If you want the cheapest possible service, and it's not a problem if
it sometimes doesn't work, Packet8 is a reasonable choice. I don't
know of any other VoIP carrier that offers 913 numbers yet.

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Nehmo Sergheyev
Posts: n/a
- Tom Grelinger -
> One more:
> Package8 - no support for 911

- Nehmo -
It's Packet not Package.

What good is 911 in Kansas City anyway? One time I (this is true) ran
down a purse snatcher. (This isn't a big brag; I only had to chase him
for half a block, and he was high on something he had been sniffing. I
can't remember what it was.) After he was down, a couple of other people
came to help. I then began calling 911 from my cell phone. I got this
funny kind of beeping and a message telling me to hold. I'm not sure how
long this went on. I hung up redialed and got the same thing. It was
getting ridiculous, and a crowd was gathering. I wanted to tell them
that the police were on their way. And after several minutes, I did, I
lied: I said the police were on their way even though I hadn't yet
really gotten a live person on 911. Eventually I did get through, and
yes they did send a car with officers who arrested the guy.

This happened on my way to work. It got so late after talking to the
cops and everything, I didn't go and lost a day.

Anyway, I just used this as an opportunity to tell the story. I don't
see 911 as necessary because all the local police have local numbers you
can put in your phone's memory. And considering how much 911 costs, it
should be eliminated or be optional.

Oddly, I couldn't find a sales number on the Packet8 site. This is
customer service:
888-898-8733, which gave me a recording just now on Saturday night.

* Nehmo Sergheyev *

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