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Send local toll calls over T-1

Joshua Erdman
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I am trying to connect 2 campuses via a T-1 for both voice and data.

I have ordered the T-1 and am currently getting a quote on these

2 - Cisco 2612 routers
2 - NM-2V
1 - VIC-2FXO
1 - VIC-2FXS

I have set up many Point-to-Point T-1s but not with voice. So I am a
little lost with accessories you can add to the router to send voice
over a T-1.

The 2 phone systems I am connecting are a Magix and a Partner.

What I would like to do is have 4 voice lines between the 2 locations
and the rest for data. Since the T-1 and parts have not been ordered
yet, I would like to know if I am getting the right parts for the
optimal configuration. There are so many parts and terms I am not
familiar with:
can you have different VIC cards on each end?
Will the IP Plus feature set be enough?

Also, can you set up the router to use the full T-1 for data except
when a call needs to be made? Or is that not recommended?

I am thrilled to set something like this up, but am filled with

Joshua Erdman
Digital Foundation
jerdman @
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