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Wiring a jack plug for mono with stereo signal.

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For those who may read this post now...

The idea of converting a stereo sound to mono one is exactly "mixing" (you mix, i.e. add, left and right to mono), and therefore a mixing desk is exactly the necessary stuff.

Most professionnal mixing desk use mono channels (except DJ's mixing desks which try to simplify manipulation, using stereo channels). If you plan to mix stereo sound, you must usually use two channels of your professionnal mixing desk. One for left, one for right. It is a very standard need, and many cables are designed in such a way : making a stereo channel into two mono channels. For example .

Once your two channels enter in your mixing desk, you may decide to keep the stereo (you pan 100% to left 1st channel and 100% to right second channel), or you may go to mono by panning your two channels to middle...

Of course you may sum left and rigth by simply soldering both on a same pin, before entering in your mixing desk, but you may obtain some strange behaviour because it may generate side effects in the source system...
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Here's a Rube Goldberg situation:

I have a small (lapel mic size) stereo microphone for a recording Sony Walkman. A great little microphone in its day. There is a 1/8" stereo 1/8" plug solidly set in the housing - there may be no way to get it out it without damaging the microphone.

I want to put the microphone inside a Dobro resonator to get the metal cone sound. (Yes, it's been tried successfully, and I'm pursuing other options...)

Then I want to run the output mono into a PA system - either XLR or TS 1/4" phone plug. I'd prefer a phone plug so I can use effects boxes.

Tell me it's not hopeless...

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Classic thread, nice!..:) Thank God those days are behind us!! =)

Originally Posted by Walter Mautner View Post
You risk distortion, if the pc output is low impedance (can drive headphones).
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Over the years, I have been separating the left & rights of audio sources and using separate channels on various PA's to preserve the overall sound.
I always thought that this was necessary due to the left / right signals having inherent 'opposition'. The alternative has been to lose one channel, which isn't a good option anyway.

If, indeed, the 3.5mm stereo TRS plug to XLR works ok, then that resolves a few issues. I've just purchased a 3.5mm TRS to XLR convertor and will report back.

Tspecht - Thanks for a diagram - the devil is in the detail!!
I was wondering why pin 1 of the XLR is not used in the above diagram, and how the stereo signal becomes combined within the XLR of the mixer / sound gear. (and I am not doubting you - just interested in knowing!)
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