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Portable Coding Guidelines?

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I've been looking at coding guidelines for a large, very long-term
project that will span multiple FPGA design ports. I've looked at the
Reuse Methodology Manual and OpenMORE, and IEEE 1076.6, but I've
recently come across this quote:
'Bricaud said he believes the third edition of the RMM will be the
last. "This is the way you design down to 130 nanometers with IP
reuse," he said. "But now we're going to 90 nm, and there are going to
be dramatic changes in the design methodology. Physical effects are
going to have to be taken into account early in the design cycle, and
we don't have all the solutions." '

FPGAs are at 90 nm now, and have been for sometime. So is RMM obsolete
as a coding guideline? Was Bricaud only referring to the recent trend
towards physical synthesis?

If anyone out there has any real knowledge of VSIA's QIP, I would love
to know how much it departs from RMM and OpenMORE as an actual coding
guideline and what the timeline is for public use.

I figure I'll be calling the vendors on this one, but how far off is
vendor-compliance with IEEE 1076.6-2004?

Thanks in advance.

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