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UART receiver

Konstantin Dols
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Greetings !

I'm looking for a simple RS232 UART16550 receiver for my tiny cyclone board
for different baudrates, 8databits, 1stop&startbit and no(!) partity and
handshake stuff.

I found several free VHDL implementations in the net but compared to what
I need
they are to complicated and appear like shooting with missiles on birds

The entity might have a simple structure like this:

entity receiver is
generic( frequency : integer := 10000000; -- e.g. for 10MHz
baudrate : integer := 9600 -- e.g. for 9600bps

port( clk : in std_logic; -- clockspeed is 'frequency'
reset : in std_logic; -- resets the receiver
receiver : in std_logic; -- input from receive pin from RS232 connector

char_avail : out std_logic; -- indicated that a valid char has beed
char : out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0) -- received char, only
available for one clock
end receiver;

The 'reciever' values are 'active high'...

This structure gives the responsibility for catching received data in time
to the user
but surely allowes adding a FIFO.

Probably this question has been asked about 47283407239 times in this group
so please just send me a usefull link or code snippet...


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