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Modelsim Directory Answer

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first of all: I tried to answer to the last post (Mr Lewis) of the
Subject "Modelsim Diretory" and got the error message
"Unable to retrieve message Removed)"
What kind of problem could that be? Has someone experienced that?

Mr Lewis,

thank you for your answer.

I have changed my script but now there is one problem now:

One of the VHDL files describes an Altera RAM template which uses
a memory initialization file (HEX format).

How do I have to include the location of that file
in my script ?
(It is located in the SIM_DIR)

Here is the script:

vlib work
set SRC_DIR "h:/eda/altera/back_today/usb_extender/sdram_ctrl"
set SRC_DIR2 "h:/eda/altera/back_today/usb_extender/sie_trans_fs"
set SIM_DIR "h:/eda/altera/back_today/usb_extender/sdram_ctrl/simulation/modelsim"
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_positions_arbitration/fraction_sdram_numbers_fifo.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_positions_arbitration/mux_fraction_fifo_outputs.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_positions_arbitration/sdram_pos_arbiter.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_positions_arbitration/sdram_positions_arbitration.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/valid_bytes_in_row.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/tristate_buffer.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_controller.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR}/sdram_ctrl.vhd
vcom ${SIM_DIR}/mt48lc8m16a2.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR2}/read_burst_fifo.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR2}/crc16_8bit_in.vhd
vcom ${SRC_DIR2}/sie_trans_fs.vhd
vcom ${SIM_DIR}/tb_sdram_ctrl_sie_fs.vhd

vsim tb_sdram_ctrl_sie_fs

run 1200us -all
configure wave -signalnamewidth 1
set StdArithNoWarnings 1
set IgnoreWarning 1
set DefaultRadix unsigned
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