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Re: Got the DRM blues?

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rapskat wrote:
> IP theft and piracy is a problem in the computing world, and will
> continue to be so long as there is something to steal.

IP theft and piracy were /no problem/ at all for these three:

Message-ID: Removed)
"Of course, whether from the net or from work. Why would I pay $50 for
an app I will use one time? "

From: Jim
Message-ID: <FJ0be.4232$(E-Mail Removed)>
Yes, I use Windows on here. Corporate license, thank you very much.

From: Paul Cooke
Message-Id: <(E-Mail Removed)>
OS X on this hardware was unbearablly sluggish compared to Ubuntu... even
after the AppleTPMACPI.kext was removed...
plus my network card didn't work and neither did my soundcard... both of
which Ubuntu has no problems with.
I found myself sometimes waiting minutes for a program to get its act
together after a mouse click...

I wouldn't be surprised if Paul wrote Apple complaining about OSX for the

There you have it folks, linux advocates doing what they do best.

"You have a reading comprehension, I see." -William Poaster

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