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Monitor Woes Part #2

Walter Mautner
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KM wrote:

> Folks,
> Here's the long and short of it. Mother's pc....monitor won't fire
> up. Tried 2 additional monitors on the same pc...nothing. Plug monitor
> into my laptop..all is fine!
> Assumed it was the video card (built into the motheboard) bought a
> new stand alone pci video card. Still nothing.
> Seems as though the pc will not send the signal to the monitor "to
> wake up"
> Any ideas????

Did they add another pci card or muck with the bios before that happened?
There is (besides mainboard failure) a small chance the resources
(irq/ioports) of the onboard video got occupied or "shared" by another
device which wasn't there first, or the bios settings got mangled.
Open the box, take out every addon pci cards, even sound, nic, modem or
whatever, except graphic card. If that still doesn't work, find the cmos
battery and remove it for a while (power cord unplugged). Then shorten the
contact strips for a moment, take back the battery and hope the best.

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