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Re: Portable VOIP

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      08-17-2005 Removed) wrote
> "Steve Freides" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> I'm going to be travelling overseas for a few weeks and would lik
> not to worry about long-distance phone charges as I may have to b
> on the phone for extended periods of time. I have never use
> voice-over-IP but would like to know if there is a solution that
> can carry, along with my laptop (IBM ThinkPad w/ docking station
> lots of USB ports, ethernet connection, PC Card slot, etc.), tha
> would let me make and possibly even receive phone calls regardles
> of my location, as long as I had Internet access, around the world
> Check out Skype, their motto is " The whole world can talk for free
> and it's fre

I hate to say this but Ive been using SIP Phone for crank calls fo
you get 5 minutes free calls a day
It doesnt show on CID and its the best way to verify a mans no

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