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How to purposely make pipelining in Handel-C?

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Hi, all,

How to purposely make pipelining in Handel-C?

Say, I need to read in a lot of 64-bit numbers using Celoxica's DSM (Data Stream
Manager). Since DsmWord is 32-bit in length, two DsmRead and one assignment are
needed. Can I pipeline these two DsmRead and the assignment statement?
Hopefully, I can just maintain 4 32-bit variables (temp1 to temp4) for DsmRead.
When I concatenate temp1 and temp2 and assign the value to a 64-bit variable v1,
I can read in 2 DsmWords to temp3 and temp4. Then, while do concatenation on
temp3 and temp4 to assign to v2, I can read into temp1 and temp2, and will
concatenate them to v3 in the next clock cycle. To achieve the above, how to
write the handel-C code?

By the way, is there any means to directly assign a 32-bit value read from DSM
to a portion of a 64-bit variable?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
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