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Interfacing to PCI

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A current project that I am working on has a PCI Ethernet controller
which connects to a Network processor with a PCI interface. I may need
to develop an enforcing function that sits on the PCI bus between the
processor and the ethernet interface, the function of this device
being a filter for incoming/outgoing IP packets.

The plan is to implement this enforcing device using a Spartan3 FPGA,
and using the Xilinx PCI core either side for interfacing with the PCI
bus. There may be a chance that the board for this module will be
complete before the enforcing device has been fully developed, and
tested. Another possibility is that the enforcing device may not be
required at all.

So the question here is, if the enforcing device is not required, what
can I do with the FPGA that serves as the connection on the PCI bus?
These are the thoughts I have, I would appreciate any comments.

Option1) If we have already purchased a PCI core from Xilinx, can I
connect 2 PCI to PCI cores and cofigure the module to act as a bridge?
(does this have any timing iplecations on the incoming/outgoing PCI

Option2) Can I program the FPGA to act as a set of PCI wire links? I
was thinking of no internal logic, no buffering etc, just an
interconnect from one end to the other?

Thanks in andvace
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