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Home Network Internal Security help?

Duane Arnold
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Chris <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:(E-Mail Removed):

> FML wrote:
>> Chris wrote:
>>> I hope there is a way to do this and I hope someone here will be able
>>> to point me in the right direction. I have 4 PCs sharing a broadband
>>> connection through a Linksys wireless router. Actually, 3 of the PCs
>>> are mine and one is my roommate's. I work on PCs on the side, so I
>>> have all kinds of drviers, info, and utilities stored on my bench
>>> system and backed up to my other 2 PCs. These reside in a separate
>>> workgroup from my roommate's PC. The problem is that because my

>>> are shared, he can still gain access to my files even though he is in
>>> a seperate workgroup. The only way I have found to block access is

>>> not share the drive or files. Here is where it gets hairy. He does
>>> not have the best surfing habits and my data is crucial for some of

>>> business. First off, I don't want virii running rampant on my network
>>> and I don't want him in my files, for whatever reason.
>>> Is there a way to block access to my files from just one of the PCs
>>> charing the router connection, short of not sharing. I'll get sick

>>> constantly sharing and unsharing while working. Also, I'd like to
>>> stay away from passwords if possible. Any help would be appreciated.
>>> Chris

>> What OS?

> Sorry, 2 on XP Pro, and one running W2K. The roommates is XP Home

You use Authenticated User Group on Shares and remove Everyone and all
other accounts off the Share only leaving the Authenticated User Group
with the access you need, which is being explained in the link above. If
the other person is not using an user account that you have set-up on
your machine, then it's not an authenticated user-id that can be used on
the Share.

You may be able to use some of the other security tips too for XP and
there is a link similar link for Win 2K.

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Chris wrote:
> First off, I don't want virii running rampant on my network and I don't


No such animal. You may want to call in a tech using the phone book.

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