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bios options locked

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You're welcome.

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 21:00:19 +0000 (UTC), "Tab" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>"Unk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:(E-Mail Removed).. .
>> On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 20:22:35 +0000 (UTC), "Tab"
>> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>"Unk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>news:(E-Mail Removed) ...
>>>> On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 19:11:26 +0100, "tomm" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>>>A friend has a MB with on-board sound (AC97)
>>>>> He tried a sound card to see if it was any good , but decided to go
>>>>> back
>>>>> to
>>>>>his on-board sound.
>>>>> But now when he goes into the bios a lot of the options are greyed out,
>>>>>including the option to enable the on-board sound. It won`t allow him to
>>>>>load fail safe values or other options like that.
>>>>> How can he "unlock" the bios again??
>>>>> It is a Phoenix Award Bios V6.00PG
>>>> Unplug the PC from the wall.
>>>> On the motherboard, near the CMOS battery (looks like a quarter) is a
>>>> set
>>>> of three pins with a
>>>> jumper across two of them. Shift the jumper to the include the unused
>>>> pin. Wait a few seconds
>>>> and put the jumper back the way it was. That should reset the
>>>> motherboard
>>>> to the factory
>>>> defaults. If the motherboard is more than 18 months old, now is a good
>>>> time to replace that
>>>> battery too.
>>>> Plug the PC back in the wall. Should work now.
>>>A stupid questionWhat is on board sound ?.With assistance from a friend by
>>>email I formatted drive with Win98 and installed Win Me and now I dont
>>>sound or modem.I take it they need drivers but should I have this on board

>> On-board sound means that the hardware is built into the motherboard. You
>> don't need a plug-in
>> card. Most newer motherboards come with the sound, video display, modem,
>> and LAN, built into
>> them now.
>> Older operating systems like Win98 and WinME didn't have the drivers built
>> into them.
>> WinXP does. So, you will need to find the drivers you need and install
>> them manually.
>> They usually came on a CD that was shipped with the motherboard.
>> Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, "Hardware" tab, and click
>> the "Device Manager"
>> button. If there are any yellow question or exclamation marks ( ? ! ),
>> they're items you don't
>> have the drivers for.
>> Thanks Unk That cleared things up for nicely for me.


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