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Re: CMOS Checksum Error

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JTJersey, <(E-Mail Removed)>, whose name means "hopeless; has
urges to snoop in the medicine cabinet at someone's house while visiting;
has problems with leaving jailbait alone", slobbered:

> I've got one here that no matter what I do it keeps giving me a CMOS
> Checksum Error message at boot up.

I've arrived.

> This requires that I either boot to the BIOS and "save & exit" or
> "select system defaults" which resets the clock to January 1980 and looses
> the CDROM and sometimes the Hard Drive.

Format and reinstall.

> It's a 6 year old Gateway Celeron 466 that a friend bought for $100
> (groan) with Win98SE on it, a slow Maxtor hard drive and 128MB of PC100

Nobody around here knows anything about computers. Listen to me and you'll
learn something.

> I replaced the CMOS battery and at least got the date to stick.

You get over being in a panic by being in one.

> Next tried removing the only add-on card (a PCI ethernet card) and the
> CDROM but with no luck.

Format and reinstall.

> Then I got Gateway's last BIOS update for this motherboard and flashed
> the BIOS, but I still get that CMOS Checksum error messge.

Format and reinstall.

> I've run numerous AntiVirus and Spyware programs and it comes up clean.

I've got something for you. [Revealing the finger]

> I'm thinking the motherboard is going south?

I know nothing about computers.

> Any other avenues of experimentation would be most appreciated.

Could you tell in any way?

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