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Re: What is "network utilization" and why is it so "low"?

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pyotr filipivich, <(E-Mail Removed)>, whose name means "mature
hermaphrodite; no get up and go; weirdo", radiated:

> Greeting and Salutations This is a reoccurring "problem".

Hello. Goodbye.

[^UP]****ing wanker.

> I'm doing a large download, and Xp's Task Manager informs me that
> "Network Utilization" is between 18 and 21%

Since when are you doing a large download?

> I'm running Win XP Home, with the upgrades, and a dial up account, and
> according to Task manager, I'm connected at 42 Kbps.

You most certainly are!

> Is there a way to tweak this, or am I just stuck with a network
> utilization of one fifth capacity?

Just have fun and make sense out of everything.

> Or, is task manager telling me that 42 Kbps is one fifth of the capacity
> of the modem, dial up capacity?

You're just saying things that don't make any sense, like Donald Duck.

> cheers pyotr.

Classic invective, as expected from someone who lacks a logical argument.

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