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Are generics and ports static names?

Mike Treseler
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David Jones ((E-Mail Removed)) wrote

> LRM, p. 63, line 508:
> "Each association element that associates a slice or subelement (or slice
> thereof) of an interface object must identify the formal with a locally
> static name."
> With these definitions, how is the following legal:
> U1: FOO port map(BAR(3) => BAZ);
> BAR is an object, therefore not a locally static name.

Annex B says

B.148 locally static name:
A name in which every expression is locally static
(if every discrete range that appears as part of the
name denotes a locally static range or subtype
and if no prefix within the name is either an object or
value of an access type or a function call).

BAR(3) is a locally static name because "3" is a static subrange.
It's legal as long as the rest of BAR'range is covered,
and there isn't an constant or function in scope named
"ba" for example.

-- Mike Treseler
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