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Re: mixed Verilog/VHDL design

Just an Illusion
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Just an Illusion wrote:

> Hi Swapnajit,
> Swapnajit Mittra wrote:
>> "botao" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:<cch877$n40$(E-Mail Removed)>...
>>> Have a tough problem ...
>>> I need to compare 2 components with the same interface, one
>>> component is
>>> implemented in VHDL, the other is in Verilog.
>>> <snip>
>>> ---Lee

>> If you have a logic equivalency checker (Verplex Tuxedo, Cadence
>> Chrysalis etc.), read in both the modules and do an equivalency
>> check. This is the *only* practical way to make sure they are 100%
>> equivalent for two real life designs.

> You are right, but only if the both model have the same number of
> register (ff and d-latch).
> But that not solve the Botao problem, if the tool can't handle the
> mixed types at same time.
> More you need have 'compatible' levels of file, if the vhdl is a
> behavioral description, you can have lot of problems to compare it
> with a gate level once.
> Event if is it theoricaly possible.
> Otherwise, you need use other formal tool (not equivalent checker).
> With formal tool, you can create a wrapper, which instanciate the both
> components (and you have an other time the same problem), where
> equivalent outputs are connected by an xor (resp. xnor) function and
> connected to the outputs of the wrapper; you can merged all the xor
> (resp. xnor) output throught a or (resp. and) function to give only
> one output.
> After you just need check that output(s) is(are) always 0 (resp. 1).
> By this way you can have 100% equivalence proof, independently of
> register number.
>> - Swapnajit. --
>> Project VeriPage:::

> JaI

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